Family Photos: Going Beyond The Mini Session

Family Portraits Capturing Your Story

My approach to family portraits is changing. Instead of offering 20-30 minute family mini sessions throughout the year, I will offer only a few on selected dates in order to allow for more time to offer full family portrait sessions with an unlimited time. Now, I know that this may be a bit disappointing to some of you or questions may arise as to why? So, I am going to illustrate for you why having a full family photography session with your family with no time limit is providing you with so much more and what you completely deserve.

First lets’ start with the practical reasons for this decision! I realized that the majority of my 30 minute “mini” sessions were actually ending up being more like 45 minute to over an hour sessions! Why? Because it simply takes time for a family to settle in and to get comfortable with each other, with me, and with the environment. Because I do not simply offer a quick snapshot of your family looking at the camera, but rather the connection, the beauty, the intimate moments, the joy, and even the chaos, capturing these precious moments simply takes time and you deserve that time with your family and you deserve to receive the very best images from me.

I want to give you your family’s story illustrated beautifully in images that you will treasure in a photo book, a canvas on your wall, or in framed prints throughout your house. My goal is to provide you with the art of who you are so that it can be a family heirloom that you will pass down to your grandchildren and beyond. I want to provide you with a family video so that you can hear your little one’s singing voices, while they also get to hear your warm laugh. I want to provide you with images that show how much you love them, how you comforted them, and how much you loved to play with them. 20 minutes is simply not enough time.

When we take the time to separate ourselves from the chaos of our world and spend time connecting with the people who are the most important in our lives, we are blessed. Quick mini sessions simply do not allow for this - they instead become another thing on your checklist to get done. Instead, my family photo sessions are a moment in time carved out for you to spend free of distractions, to relax, to breathe, and to focus on your loved ones. My goal is to take care of all of the details, from what you will wear by providing you with styling assistance and a client wardrobe for moms, to quilts to sit on, bug spray in case you forgot, prizes for little ones, and finally guidance on which style of prints and frames would look best for your images, and then delivering them to your home. The details fade, so that all you have to do is show up and allow me to do the magic. In the end, I hope you will be filled with joy when you see your images in the beautiful slideshow I create and maybe even shed a tear of joy, when you hear and see the family video which captures your 4 year old’s belly laugh.

So, as the mini session fades away, what you are receiving is so much more. I am excited to be on this journey with you and your family.

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