How to Plan for Your Best Family Photo Session | Twin Cities Family Photographer

Summer is approaching and that means Family Photo Sessions will be gaining steam! Here are some tips to make your session not only easy, but beautiful, relaxing and fun!

Schedule Early

Most family photographers book in advance in order to plan out the busy family photography season: summer through fall. If you know you want photos during our beautiful Minnesota autumn, book now in order to get a date that works for you and your photographer. Consider doing your session during the week as well. There will be more availability and this allows your weekends to be free for other things! The best time for your session is during golden hour which is an hour before sunset. This produces beautiful soft light and golden backgrounds. The bonus is that golden hour is earlier in fall than in summer - around 5:30 in Mid-October while in the summer it is around 7:30.

Style Your Session

What you wear is crucial for timeless and beautiful images. Ann Marie not only provides her clients with styling suggestions, but has an incredible client wardrobe for moms and little ones. Moms are always focused on finding outfits for everyone else and often leave themselves last. I have curated a client wardrobe to bless moms with beautiful dresses in all sizes so that they not only feel confident in what they are wearing but a little special too! Plus, it saves you money! It is one less thing for you to buy and I take care of all the cleaning. Check out my Styling Guide to see how Styling works!

Styling Guide

Visit my Styling Page to see how styling works and tips for you!

Prepare At Home First

The best strategy for successful family photos is to keep it fun and relax. If you tell your kiddos that they need to sit still, keep their clothes clean, and smile at the camera, they will be filled with dread! If you approach it as a time to explore and play with the promise of ice cream at the end, you will have much better results! Check out my Family Welcome Guide for more tips, tricks, and good sound advice on how to prepare at home for your next session!


Tips, Tricks, and the Best Advice for Making Your Session a Success